Tesla's Medicine: The Universal Fluid

Robert William (Bob) Connolly is a journalist, film producer and public educator that travels the world in search for lost technology of ancient civilizations. In this 90 minute multi-award winning feature documentary, he presents a historical perspective of Nikola Tesla and his suppressed inventions for energy medicine.

Tesla's most famous quote - "If you want to discover the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration" - serves as the story line for Connolly's ten year, world wide journey to rediscover Tesla's lost medical technologies. He presents historical archives, re-enactments, scientific laboratory research and interviews medical experts that still use Tesla's light and magnetic field therapy devices that were at one time widely used and then were suddenly suppressed with the introduction of patent medicines.

Connolly then takes the viewer on a colourful musical excursion through East and Western Europe to visit hospitals, exclusive private clinics, factories, museums and research facilities that promote the use of Tesla medicine.

  • Tesla's Medicine: The Universal Fluid

    1h 34m — 2 text tracks

    90 Minute feature film about Nikola Tesla and his lost inventions in medicine. With the invention of the Tesla automobile, Nikola Tesla's name was reintroduced to the world because he invented the electric motor that powers the Tesla electric car.

    Few people realize that Tesla also invented and...